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White Heat

since it’s summer, we are planning a lot of picnic-at-the-park dates and other lil’ adventures.

and because of the season, it would be nice to wear something dainty, soft and charming.

take a peek at some of my style inspirations.

don’t you just think they’re lovely? ♥

Collection by Urban Outfitters.


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pretty hats

the past two days have been very chaotic & hectic for me.

so, i’d like to sneak in to say ‘hi’ to you!

from our beach getaway 2 weekends ago, i’ve had the not-the-best sunburn EVER!

i have it on my face! yes, my face because i was wearing a huge sunglasses while playing around the secret paradise.

and so… i realized that i’d be more prepared for our next summer get-away.

so, here are some of the hats (one of beach must-haves) i’m eyeing on.

{rooftop garden hat}

{almond milk sunhat}

{los cabos hat}

the last 2 has got to be my favorite!

and i’d like to grow my hair as long as the models’. pretty.

view the rest of their collection at
lulu’s fashion lounge.



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Land of dreams…

Join me – fly with me – into the land of dreams
We will walk through archways of solid gold
We will swim in lakes of wine
Fly with me – into the land of dreams

In a world without limitations
Let your fantasies become real
On a trip far from life
Join me – into my dream

I can’t wait for our weekend beach getaway.

And is hoping that Brian will make me a new set of dreamy beach photos like these.

*wink wink*

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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Summer Lovin’

{Summer 2008 – Coron, Palawan}

brian and i were searching for one-of-a-kind and exceptional seashells.

and that is one of the many things i’d like to do (again) with  him this weekend,

on our first summer getaway this 2010.

i seriously can’t contain my excitement. couldn’t focus at work

(but managed to finish some tasks. thank goodness.)

dreaming about all things summer – colorful & bright!

have a rainbow-colored one!

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