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Pizza & Pasta dinner

June 4, 2010 Friday

Friday night is one of my favorite time of the week. It means break from work, from office dramas (or what not) and working on completing tasks or the lack of it (sometimes). And it also mean one thing – time to chill and relax and be with my B.

And what’s a better way to cap off the week? Dine for free!

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And I was his valentine…

His first ever valentine, actually. And I must say, I’m proud and I’m happy.

Boyfriend never celebrated or asked someone out for a date on valentine’s day EVER! Maybe  he’s just not into the mushy and affectionate holiday we all adore and enjoy… (Yes, I’m somehow into this holiday because I love ‘love’. All forms of it.) Or maybe because he just don’t want to make this a tradition for some reason.

And so, his school friends ‘cursed’ him and said that whoever he dates on his first ever valentine’s day, will be with him forever.  Yes, that was the ‘curse’. But, for me, was it really a bad thing? To be his valentines date forever? Nah, I don’t think so. I’d love him for my valentines date or any other time or day for that matter. ♥

Although this was our first valentines together, we didn’t want to make a big fuss out of it. We just wanted to delight ourselves in each other’s company.

Originally, we planned to attend the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010. But plans changed and so we spent our Valentine weekend in our own lil ‘candy-coated’ way.

Here are some highlights from our v-day & chinese new year weekend.

Part un

February 12, 2010.

After work, B & I met up and had dinner at Pizza Hut Bistro.We ordered mozzarella sticks, 3-cheese ravioli and supreme deluxe stuffed crust pizza, which was never delivered to our table until after we asked for our bill! Uh-oh. Hunger makes me angry!

We canceled the pizza and just satisfied ourselves with this appetizer …

{mozzarella sticks}

and this pasta…

{3-cheese ravioli}

Delicious! But I’m still starving.

…and look, I’ve got a flower!

Oh, love.

Ended the day with sweet kisses and lots of bear hugs! ♥

{And oh, I won a heart-shaped pillow earlier at our office’s event. Sweet.}

Photo credits: weheartit; Brian Sahagun


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