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Sizzling Pepper Steak and side story

June 20, 2010 Sunday

In lieu of our little monthsary celebration, we planned to go on a picnic at La Mesa Ecopark. With recipes prepared in my head such as Monte Cristo sandwich, chocolate covered strawberries, fresh fruits esp grapes and probably my favorite Nestea iced tea or lemonade.

Plans changed though and we agreed to re-schedule this little picnic of ours. We are also beat because we spent last night hanging out with our couple friends with my latest favorite alcomix drink, Tanduay Ice, in hand. It has the right alcohol, right sweetness and good mouth feel. It’s like I’m drinking Sprite with just a few drops of alcohol. I prefer this more than the usual crowd favorite beer that has its bitter taste.

Fast forward to Sunday morning, we got up few times to rehydrate ourselves with water and stuff our tummy with some food. But the rest of the day were spent sleeping on the couch. None of our plans were accomplished. Still, spending time catching up on Zzz can’t be a bad thing, right?

It’s about 3 or 4 in the afternoon when our body decided to finally wake up. So off to MOA we go!

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Pancake House

June 11, 2010, Friday

When I hear Pancake House it reminds me of that feeling of comfort, much like the comfort when you are at your own home. This is how Pancake House is – laid back, inviting and homey. So when we didn’t crave for anything in particular, we headed to this casual-dining restaurant.

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