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Rockin’ with Usher

Enjoy loves!



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Dainty Kick

Despite the lack of a decent internet connection, I managed to doodle around and created this look.

I would have worn this if my boyfriend asked me out to catch up and spend time roaming around the mall. Well, OK yeah, probably not for hours in these heels but whatever, I would love to wear this.

I know Polyvore have been around for quite some time and being the late bloomer that I am, I just recently re-discovered this cool site and used this as a therapy for myself today. Creating a look / style plus designing the layout can be therapeutic, who knew?

Definitely a cool way to get on with my fashion freaky-ness plus learning how to do a magazine-like spread. Though I know with this first look it’s lacking the ‘layout’ that I am talking about. Well, soon I will learn how to create a better one.


Dreaming about Macaron de Paris

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Dress Thrifted

One Sunday morning we went thrifting.

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I want.


You will encounter a seriously long wish list of chic ensemble.

You sure you want to peek? OK… indulge your peepers.

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Welcome, April!

Hello, everyone!

Hope you all had a meaningful & blessed Easter weekend.

I missed blogging for a few days or even weeks but I’d like to think I’ve been productive.

I have been working on a lot of things lately and the most exciting of them all is the launch of my online retail store!

And it’s called RainPlay Boutique!

Go check it out for some seriously cute dresses!

For now, here’s a badge of my new online retail store.

{You can also copy & share this badge to help me promote my site. I’d appreciate it! xo}

More dresses and cute swimsuits will be added this week.

So be sure to check back often!


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summer fantasies

yellow dresses!

they are like sunshine anytime of the day.

made a wish, i can dream
i can be what i want to be
not afraid to live my life
and fulfill my fantasies

happy sunshine-y day!


Photo credits: flickr


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White Heat

since it’s summer, we are planning a lot of picnic-at-the-park dates and other lil’ adventures.

and because of the season, it would be nice to wear something dainty, soft and charming.

take a peek at some of my style inspirations.

don’t you just think they’re lovely? ♥

Collection by Urban Outfitters.

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