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Chile Vitas Sauces

Chile Vitas was introduced to me during UTT4.0. They were part of the appetizer suppliers for the event. Their offerings are sauces, dips, dressings, spreads, marinades and their own version of crackling cropeck.

I joined their Focus Group to rate and comment on their products and to hopefully help them improve their products to be introduced to a wider market.

On, May 29, 2010, I received a generous package from Ms. Tina Vitas – President/CEO of Chile Vitas, delivered straight to my doorstep.

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Ultimate Taste Test Experience

Our Awesome Planet‘s Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 was held at the NBC Tent last May 14, Friday.

Surprisingly, the event started 7pm on the dot (I thought Filipino time is still prevalent around here. Good thing not on this event!).

A long line outside NBC Tent greeted us as we approach the venue. We were there few minutes after 7pm. It was only after waiting for awhile that somebody went out to tell us that we were lining at the Special Concerns line. Meaning a few good minutes was spent waiting at the wrong line.

So everybody rushed inside to find the right line. Then it occurred to us that there are few lines to accommodate guests in alphabetical order. Mine is under Li-Ra line.

I lined up (few more minutes). I signed the paper (for attendance?). I was given a box (to hold the food) and a map inside the venue with the list of food suppliers and their corresponding numbers. At the back of the map is the rate sheet and comment box for the food will be tasting & rating.

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