Amici + Bizu = best all girls day out

One of my girl friends, Angela, visited us in the office last June 30, Wednesday. The rest of our friends are out for the day due to holiday so that means me, Michelle and Angela have the day to ourselves. Immediately after work we head to Greenhills for our all girls date.

I got a taste of Amici (which was formerly called Amici di Don Bosco) that serve up authentic Italian dishes, first known for its home-made Italian gelato, pastas and wood fire oven-cooked pizzas. No wonder why many people equate Amici with both authentic Italian cuisine and quality service.

They started their first branch in Don Bosco, Makati, which was part of my must-try list but I ended up having my first taste here in their 4th branch in Greenhills with the girls.

This is my girl friend, Anj, who took us on a date in Greenhills.  These are all her treat. Hooray for pretty, sweet & generous friends!

{ Michelle and myself on our table. }

Dishes served on the table:

{ pancetta e formaggi. crispy bacon bits, caramelized onions, mushrooms & cream cheese. php320 }

{ spaghetti red vongole e gamberetti. pasta served with red sauce and different seafood. php240 }

{ pollo arrostito. roast chicken in spices with vegetables }

{ after shot. who knew 3 girls have this HUGE appetite? burp! oops *smirks* }

As if it wasn’t enough to fill our little tummy, we hunt down Crazy Crepes (to satisfy Anj’s cravings) for dessert. I don’t remember how far or how long we walked only to find out that it is already closed at 9pm.

For me, it was a blessing in disguise because we settled for Bizu Patisserie.

Look at the dozen choices of sweet treats and french pastries to satisfy your sweet tooth!

I’m confused which one to order. I literally want a taste of each and everything I’m seeing. Looks delicious!

Lots of mini cake choices. Which one should I get?

{ truffles. i want them all. }

{ next target when indulging – macaron de paris }

{ pretty little girlfriends. i almost forgot how happy i feel when being surrounded with these girls. so much girl power! gotta love it. }

After deliberately deciding on what to order, here’s what we end up getting..

{ truffles in order: cinnamon & cardamon, cinnamon spice, ground cardamon, dark chocolate ganache. hazel, hazelnut praline, croquantine wafer, milk chocolate ganache. spearmint, fresh spearmint leaf, dark chocolate ganache and rose champagne, rose champagne, dark chocolate ganache, white chocolate couverture. php48/piece }

{ Jolie, sugarless and flourless chocolate Kahlua mousse cake with hazelnuts and special chiboust cream. php195 }

{ Mango Chiboust. luscious fresh mangoes crown our most famous french-style cheesecake. php185 }

{ Naomi. combination of sugarless milk & dark chocolate mousse between layers of chocolate cake sprayed with cocoa liqueur. php195 }

Thanks to Angela for these photos using her Olympus digital camera and for the lavish treat. Until our next date. *muah*

Dreaming of our next girl bonding.




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