Hotel Vida, The Home of Widus Vacation Club Part 2 of 2

June 27, 2010 Sunday

Morning time. I had the most peaceful, sweetest sleep in days. Now it’s time to indulge in the buffet breakfast included in our package. Sweet!

{ bread station }

{ pancake, fresh fruit toppings & different syrups }

{ fresh fruits }

{ salad and dressing station }

{ main breakfast spread }

{ omelet station }

{ Korean dishes }

{ fresh fruit juices }

{ fresh milk }

{ cereals – my favorite }

Enjoying our buffet breakfast. I wish everyday is vacation day.

More photos inside SALT Coffee Shop.

Just outside SALT Coffee Shop is its counterpart, MALT Bar. Basically, they just have a mini bar plus tables and chairs outside ( al fresco style ) near the hotel’s swimming pool.

Swimming time. After filling our tummies with all those yummy breakfast, it’s now time to get some sun. We head straight to the pool for some morning dip.

Warning: this contains LOTS of mushy and goofy photos. *wink*

Clearly, B and I had so much fun goofing around in the pool. The place is beautiful and very relaxing. It’s calming to take a morning dip, ogling through the lush greens surrounding us and breathing the fresh air. It’s like a pocket paradise for tourists.

I don’t want to leave this place. Can I stay a little longer?

But, we still have a full day ahead. I need to say goodbye for now to our little room.

{ waiting area on the ground floor }

Casino time. Hotel Vida also has a Casino and as part of our room accommodation package, they also included a complimentary entrance plus Php200 bet voucher.

Talk about beginner’s luck, we lost Php300 on baccarat and Php100 on slot machine. Good thing B’s got discipline or else we could have spent more than that. So, I’d still say we are lucky! *wink*

Few more hours left before the main event that Brian will cover, we relish our few moments left in the hotel.

We still got the Php300 F&B gift voucher (also part of the Drizzling Promo package) and since we are still so full from the breakfast buffet, we just ordered one lunch meal to share.

Their food is good. I’m surprised we were still able to eat after our breakfast. Burp!

Hotel Vida’s room rates are a bit pricey but due to their Drizzling Promo Package the rates went down to Php3,900 for overnight accommodation in one of their Deluxe rooms including all those freebies/inclusions you’ve seen. This promo will run until August 2010, so hurry!

*Disclaimer: Our stay in this hotel is free of charge courtesy of Brian’s friend who got him as a photographer for an event.

Our thank you goes out to Michelle (B’s friend) for our hotel accommodation, to the welcoming staff and to Hotel Vida management for our wonderful stay.

A special thank you for my B for making this a more meaningful mini-vacation.

Dreaming of our next get-away.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun



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4 responses to “Hotel Vida, The Home of Widus Vacation Club Part 2 of 2

  1. Masaya tumalon sa pool! Sana 1 week hehe.

  2. at home we have a kidney-shaped swimming pool that is well maintained, i love swimming on it all day long “

  3. it is quite fun to play on slot machines specially if you win a lot `

  4. my sister is an addict on Slot Machines, she always play any kind of game on the slot machine ,*,

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