Zsi-Zsi’s Baby Shower @ Celsius Gastrolounge

June 19, 2010 Saturday

We had a surprise baby shower for Brian’s soon-to-be niece at Celsius Gastrolounge.

Here are photos of the fun celebration we had.

Tinkerbell themed balloons.

Nanay and Tita Vi – Brian’s lola & mom

While we were waiting for Kuya Jeff & soon-to-be-mom, Ate Hazel.

Surprised & over-joyed. Kuya Jeff planned this party for her with the help of her sisters and Brian.

Announcing about their ‘secret’ wedding, days before this baby shower and thanking the guests for making this baby shower party a ‘secret’ event until today.

They cooked up few fun games for the guests, too. This one is ‘Guess The Baby Item’. I don’t know what they are called! Panic attack!

Then it’s the soon-to-be mom & dad’s turn to guess the baby items in the bag. It was hilarious watching who guesses first. Ate Hazel won no doubt! Either way, even if Kuya Jeff wins, he still won’t win any prize. This special day is for the mama!

Next game – ‘Bottle Race’. The woman who suck the bottle as a baby would and drinks the most in a allotted time wins.

Go Tita Vi, FTW! And did you notice that cute tarpaulin? It’s by soon-to-be Uncle Brian. Lucky Zsi-Zsi to have a very creative Uncle.

‘Guess Mom’s Tummy Size’ game.

And if you thought only women can join this game, think again. My B joined the game and my B won the game. Whoohoo! Good guessing skills.

He gave his Starbucks Coffee GC prize to me. Sweet!

And celebrations won’t be complete without sumptuous food.

Macaroni Pasta in White Sauce. This would have tasted better if it’s not cold and not too dry.

Grilled Pork. Though they said it was grilled, it tasted like it was baked. The meat was soft and real tasty. This would have been my favorite too but the taste only lasted the first batch. The next batch after that tasted different, more like it was fried. We should have gotten more from the first batch they served. He he.

Spareribs. This has got to be my favorite that night. Hands down delicious!!!

Chicken Lollies. Finger lickin’ good!

So much to celebrate. Their 5th year anniversary as couple which is also the day they got married plus baby Zsi-Zsi coming soon!

While enjoying our food, there’s 2 more games for us – ‘Guess How Many Nips Chocolates There Is In The Bottle’.

Nobody won from our table but this bottle looks so cuute.

And, the other game was – ‘Clay Baby Making’.

Our table’s entry by Brian. They all noticed that it looks more like a baby boy than a baby girl. Must have been a reflection of what he wanted. And we were just laughing with our entry. I remembered how I love the scent of Play-Doh. It smells sweet I wanted to bite on it.

Last game for guests – ‘Place The Baby On The Mommy’, baby shower version of Pin The Tail On The Donkey.

I was close to winning. Too bad I didn’t!

Estrel’s Caramel Cake. Soft and melt-in-your-mouth chiffon cake. It’s tasty and THE ONLY caramel cake I liked. It’s creamy and just enough sweetness to it. It didn’t kill my throat just like the rest of the caramel clan. I loved this!

Game for the couple – ‘Pinoy Henyo‘. Super fun!

Now it’s time to unwrap the gifts!

Brian and I chose a complete white quilted bed comforter for Zsi-Zsi.

Pink onesie with a yellow Philippines map. Noynoy?

More photos of families and friends who joined the celebration. All of us are excited to meet you, little Zsi-Zsi.

Preparing for church wedding. More celebration in the near future. Hooray for weddings!

It was indeed a fun-filled event. Lots of love, fun, good food and laughter. Zsi-Zsi’s one lucky little girl to be brought to this world with such loving and supportive family and friends.

We pray for Ate Hazel’s safe delivery. And we cannot wait to hold you, little Zsi-Zsi. Say ‘Hi’ to us soon! We already love you though you’re still hiding in that tummy.

Speaking of celebrations, we’re half way through our first year. Happy happy!!

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Photo credits: Brian Sahagun


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