The Happy List – Weekend Edition


Lulu’s Happy List

June 25, 2010 Friday

1. early early. whoohoo!
2. compliments spoken out loud out of amazement
3. reading inspirational articles
4. interior design inspirations – white & wood
5. our (B and myself) own inside jokes and  language. hilariously cute!
6. green tea for sleepy me
7. salon prettifier – new hair for the day
8. cute little outfit –
9. celebrating life & friendship
10. good food, good company, sharing laughter and just having fun


Lulu’s Happy List

June 26, 2010 Saturday

1. laughter in the rain with my B
2. Choco mallows & choco ripple bread for breakfast
3. road trip for our mini-weekend-getaway
4. Hotel Vida – an excellent discovery
5. old-new tradition – jumping on hotel bed
6. tourists for a day
7. Chicken Savory got a tasty chicken
8. Strawberry-scented candle
9. soothing milk soak bath
10. chocolate covered strawberries & grapes while in a hot tub


Lulu’s Happy List

June 27, 2010 Sunday

1. Salt Coffee Shop breakfast buffet
2. our photos documenting our little adventures. thanks to my B
3. morning pool dip
4. F&B gift voucher for lunch
5. Casino experience with my B
6. Chocolate droplets
7. Batis Asul celebration
8. re-inventing myself
9. little girl hugging me
10. cuddling with my B. always makes me feel secure.


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