Chile Vitas Sauces

Chile Vitas was introduced to me during UTT4.0. They were part of the appetizer suppliers for the event. Their offerings are sauces, dips, dressings, spreads, marinades and their own version of crackling cropeck.

I joined their Focus Group to rate and comment on their products and to hopefully help them improve their products to be introduced to a wider market.

On, May 29, 2010, I received a generous package from Ms. Tina Vitas – President/CEO of Chile Vitas, delivered straight to my doorstep.

Chile Mustard

Chile Pepper

Chile Cheese

Chile Vinegar

Cracklin’ Cropeck

Sesame sauces

Note: The product label is a little wet because we placed it in the fridge before taking these pictures.

We have our personal favorites among these dips and sauces but we will let you decide for yourself. *wink*

You may contact Ms. Tina Vitas through her mobile, 0917 860 7580 or through her email,

Enjoy it with your favorite food and snacks or be creative and create your very own recipes using these sauces, dips, dressings, spreads or marinades.

Don’t forget to share your recipe inventions!

Thank you so much to Brian Sahagun for these photos.


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