Pizza & Pasta dinner

June 4, 2010 Friday

Friday night is one of my favorite time of the week. It means break from work, from office dramas (or what not) and working on completing tasks or the lack of it (sometimes). And it also mean one thing – time to chill and relax and be with my B.

And what’s a better way to cap off the week? Dine for free!

On our way to Gateway

Choosing from the menu

View from our table inside Pizza Hut Bistro

Glossy red heart-shaped flower, Anthurium.

Lemon Iced Tea

Seafood Supreme Pizza

Fettucine a la King, FREE courtesy of BPI and Pizza hut promo

Thanks B for this lovely dinner. ♥

We ended the night by watching ‘Dear John’ with cookies and oranges in bed.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun



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3 responses to “Pizza & Pasta dinner

  1. Di ko trip yung cream nung pizza…

  2. At yung lona na tapete ng mesa, he he!

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