Triple Date in Eastwood

May 28, 2010, Friday.

Friday night is date night for me and my B with some of our couple friends. Even the little accidents a.k.a. hassles and the heavy rain didn’t stop us from mingling and spending dinner and some cocktails with our friends.

Off to Eastwood we go!

It is a Friday and we’re going to the closest hang out place in the area (meaning there will be a LOT of people) and so we want to make sure that we’ll have sure seats on any of the restos. I checked clickthecity for list of restaurants in Eastwood. Found and made reservations at Il Pirata. (But I think their list isn’t updated with the new restos from a relatively new mall, Eastwood Mall.)

Il Pirata Italian Restaurant

Facade facing Eastwood Mall

The Ship. This is where I’d like to be seated next time.

Dining area inside the restaurant. Here’s where we waited for friends.

Al fresco dining. Here’s where we stayed for dinner.

Time to order!

Pizza Quattro Formaggio, Php360 and Penne Granchi, Php320.

(food photos to follow. my B didn’t bring his dslr because it was raining. pout.)

I was the one who taught of inviting two couple friends for dinner. Wouldn’t it be fun to introduce friends to friends and eventually they’ll be new friends too? That’s a mouthful, I know. Wink.

And, after having that Italian dinner, we asked them to join us in crashing our friend’s birthday party in Cheesecake Etc.

Girlfriends Anj and Connie. I hope they become girl friends too! Sweet.

The boys.

My favorite girlfriend, Anj and her boyfriend, Santi (whom I just met too that night because he came from Australia for vacation). Are you that happy, Santi? Hilarious.

Our favorite couple friends, Connie and Joseph. ST group rocks!

How come our picture’s blurry? Pout.

Some hours later, some stories shared and with some booze, the two couples bid goodnight.

While me and my B ended the night by checking the night bazaar and going back to Cheesecake Etc. for more booze and a slice of Berry Blue Cheesecake. Yum.

The end.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun, Il Pirata website


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