Red Mango

Part 1.

A day in the life of Rain and Play. Bow.

One Thursday afternoon as we celebrate our little day, we met up to spend time together.

His little gift was a box of Tazo Earl Grey Teas at Starbucks and a matching Krispy Kreme mugs (which he hid inside the ‘magic’ lunchbox. so sweet!) And, my little gift would be “the red mango experience”.

We both haven’t tried Red Mango’s all-natural frozen yogurt and so we thought that it was a good choice!

we’re watching as the staff pour in all the toppings that our hearts’ desire. stoked!

his: green tea frozen yogurt with strawberry, kiwi, blueberry, almonds and hershey’s choco

hers: original frozen yogurt with mango, grapes, m&m and almonds

dig in!

we both agreed that original frozen yogurt tastes better! i esp love mine with all that fresh and exciting toppings!

And now, meet Rain and Play.

Brian a.k.a. Rain & Jaycelle a.k.a.Play

welcome to our quirky, amusing and crazy world!

don’t say i didn’t warn yah!


so if you’re looking for a healthy, non-fat dessert, i’d recommend trying red mango’s fro-yo!

Red Mango outlet in SM Megamall, Philippines.

Photos & a new fro-yo fan: Brian Sahagun



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