Homemade Friday dinner

My B and I needed some time together to recuperate from all the stress we had the whole week.

Though we got an invite to meet some friends – we opted to spend time relaxing at home. (I also wanted to prepare our dinner as a peace offering for my B. )

So, we headed to the supermarket to get ingredients for our instant homemade chicken fajitas!

All you need are these simple ingredients that you can easily buy from the supermarket:

– Tortillas

– Roasted Chicken (you can cook your own)

– Tomato Salsa (you can cook your own)

Tortillas – defrost this frozen tortillas while heating the pan. Make sure that the pan is hot, heat tortillas for a few minutes on each side. Make sure not to burn them. If you heat tortillas correctly, you will achieve a hot yet soft tortillas. Yummy!

Tomato Salsa – we like our food spicy hence the Hot Salsa here. There are a lot of recipes online that you can try at home but since we are lacking the luxury of time that night, we used the store-bought bottled salsa!

Roasted chicken – (the one on the blue bowl) You can also choose and make your own fillings but for us, roasted chicken it is. Again, there are recipes online for cooking your own roasted chicken or other fillings but we bought a whole roasted chicken and debone it and cut into chunks.


Instant Homemade Chicken Fajitas

It’s good and tasty and I wanted to prepare this dish often (probably with other fajitas fillings).

Happy eating!

Photos and food buddy: Brian Sahagun



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  1. It is better to make our own salsa. ( :

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