Ultimate Taste Test Experience

Our Awesome Planet‘s Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 was held at the NBC Tent last May 14, Friday.

Surprisingly, the event started 7pm on the dot (I thought Filipino time is still prevalent around here. Good thing not on this event!).

A long line outside NBC Tent greeted us as we approach the venue. We were there few minutes after 7pm. It was only after waiting for awhile that somebody went out to tell us that we were lining at the Special Concerns line. Meaning a few good minutes was spent waiting at the wrong line.

So everybody rushed inside to find the right line. Then it occurred to us that there are few lines to accommodate guests in alphabetical order. Mine is under Li-Ra line.

I lined up (few more minutes). I signed the paper (for attendance?). I was given a box (to hold the food) and a map inside the venue with the list of food suppliers and their corresponding numbers. At the back of the map is the rate sheet and comment box for the food will be tasting & rating.


in cooperation with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

There were around 52 food suppliers for – appetizers, main course, drinks and desserts!

We were able to taste 26 out of 52 (i think!), half of the food suppliers. Not bad eh?

So, let’s start checking them out in no particular order.

HAPPY GREEN –  “Chuckle” Dips, “Bliss” iced tea, “Giggle” salad dressing

I like their taco dip with spirulina.

Chile Vitas Sauces
– Chile Cheese, Chile Vinegar, Chile Mustard & Chile Pepper sauce and crackling kropeck

Denim Kitchen – Bangus Sardines in Canola Oil, Smoked Mackerel in Olive Oil

We like Smoked Mackerel in Olive Oil better.

Me tasting, rating & taking picture that is!

Sakae Sushi Rolls – tuna salad roll and alaska roll

we’re not able to try this but the sushi looks delish!

Qasa 61 – Adobo Spring rolls, Barberry ribs, Taco yogurt dip, De lanera

Lattize – Lengua Sulipena and Corned Beef

JAM Foods -Angus Beef Tapa

San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

– Chocolate Praline Ganache cake, Dulce de leche cheesecake with caramel sauce

AFTERS Dessert – Cheese Brownies, Apple Bavarian Torte, Cheesecake Truffle

Cheese Brownies – this has got to be my first favorite! D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

The Bandana Baker
– Mango Bars, Mega Chocolate Cookies

and this would be my 2nd favorite! I love that it’s soft, chewy, has right amount of sweetness. W-i-n-n-e-r cookie!


This is too sweet for my liking!

Pepetons Grill
– kapalmuks: deep fried pig face, it’s like crispy pata

Oishi Smart C+ lemon variant AND Marty’s Baconnette Strips

True Santos Duck Farm Muscovy Duck Ham

my B trying the duck ham. Did you like it?

Pepita’s Kitchen Lechon

– Lenguas de Gato, ube leche flan, fudge supreme cookies

Star sighting – Wency Cornejo on the background with his kid, I suppose. They are the great ones offering this delicious Ube Lenguas de Gato!

Ube Lenguas de Gato – both my Brian and I’s favorite! Simply delish! Y-U-M.

Adee’s Caramel Bars

Savoury Pies by Tina Raines
– Frozen Lemon and Herb Pie, Peanut butter & white choco chips, Strawberry and chocolate chips, mangoes and roasted macadamia nuts

I am not sure what is this frozen pie we’ve tasted. Too bad they don’t have or I must have missed to try their Mangoes and Roasted Macadamia Nuts. Pout.

– Macaroons, apple pie, and food for the gods.

– Chocolate Chip Cookies/Peanut Butter Cookies

– Flavored Milk Ice

One of my B’s favorite!

Fruits in Ice Cream Summer Cafe Ice Cream Sansrival, Pistachio Torte

This too, is one of my B’s favorite. In fairness, I like it too!


Crepes & Cream Fiesta Halo Crepe

We were not able to taste this one because of the uber long line! Grumpy.

We took a break and watched the belly dancers perform on stage.

the kids ( I think they are Aidan & Joshua – Anton’s cutie kids!) looks pretty amazed by the dancers, or their legs. Ha ha! Cuute look on the kids’ faces!

The host for UTT4.0, Mr. Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks with Ms. Jill Ngo, bellydance instructor and owner of Peak Performance.

And last but not the least…

Crave Burger

There are still a lot of other food suppliers that we’re not able to check out. Long lines of co-foodie in every food stall is the culprit!

It is not bad for a first time experience but events like this can be improved. And if they organize this for 1,000 guests, I think it’s better if they stick to that number of attendees so as to avoid a crowded venue and jam-packed lines.

Nonetheless, it has been an interesting event. I am glad to discover new suppliers for my sweet cravings!

And I am looking forward to the next Ultimate Taste Test experience.

Most of the photos were taken by yours truly and the rest is from Brian Sahagun.

Thanks my B for the other photos and especially for lending me your dslr to take my own photos!

Til our next foodie event.



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  1. Hi! So glad you guys liked our Ube Lenguas de Gato. =) Do spread the word. Much appreciated!

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