Tramway Experience

I’m not talking about a railway or streetcar system for passengers here.

I’m talking about Tramway Garden Buffet!

If you have an appetite for Chinese, Japanese and Filipino cuisine, Tramway Garden Buffet is right for you.

Not only do they offer three different cuisines, they offer this all-you-can-eat for only Php205/person (excluding drinks)!

My first time here was at a reception of my friend’s baby’s christening. But I was not able to enjoy the food or even remember what food they have there. I felt like I have an unfinished business with this restaurant and been wanting to go back ever since.

So, to celebrate my mom’s birthday (belated), my family went there last May 1st together with my B and my brother’s girlfriend Xam and her mom.

Our casual-mom’s-birthday-lunch-celebration and the food that we ate in photos.

buffet table

We must have missed some photos of the other food from the buffet, it must be because they were consumed by the other guests in merely few seconds. I know, I’m amazed at how fast they scoop every ounce of food there was, too!

The taste of the food is OK, probably not something you’ll rave about. But for sure, you’ll get out of this restaurant with a full tummy! The price is a good deal too. Not bad for all the food and desserts you can eat!

And we enjoy every minute of it – eating, introducing B to Xam’s mom, sharing stories and political views, sharing laughter, watching mom put on her new lipstick (gift) and showing off her new Chinese comb (gift), people watching as they scoop everything on the serving plate, and just celebrating another year of my wonderful mom’s existence in our lives.

my brother Glenn & his girlfriend Xam

with Xam’s mom

me and my B

with my mommy dearest

our extended family

our extended family

my family

Happy happy birthday, mommy!

We love you so much.

We wish you all your heart’s desire, success, all the happiness and more love!

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun


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  1. Nicka Tamayo

    how much po yung drinks?

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