The Happy List – Weekend Edition

Lulu’s Happy List

April 24, 2010 Saturday

1. ♥ morning love ♥
2. smooth commute to B’s house
3. getting there on time!
4. swim time with B’s family
5. pool bonding
6. photoshoot with his cool fam
7. free pedicure
8. doing the laundry
9. Selecta Choco Hazelnut Brownie
10. designing wrapped gift for Tita Vi (thanks B for wrapping it)

Lulu’s Happy List

April 25, 2010 Sunday

1. ♥ waking up seeing B’s face facing me ♥
2. my gray chiffon outfit
3. celebrating with Tita Vi’s birthday at Dusit Thani
4. crossover sunday brunch
5. prime ribs steak
6. mango crepe with chocolate syrup & almond flakes
7. eating bonding time with B
8. seeing CZ from the ultrasound monitor
9. Razon’s halo-halo
10. going home to B’s apt

Lulu’s Happy List

April 26, 2010 Monday

1. monday holiday for me
2. ♥ hearing “i love you” as soon as you wake up ♥
3. donut & tea breakfast with B
4. lazy rest day
5. lots of tv time
6. cleaning, organizing paper stuff
7. arranging tin cans stuff
8. being with mommy
9. mom’s delicious home-cooked meal
10. little bro’s pasalubong

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun, we heart it



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2 responses to “The Happy List – Weekend Edition

  1. Bakit wala dito yung “lunod time”? Ha ha.

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