The Happy List (Happy birthday, mommy!)

Lulu’s Happy List

April 28, 2010 Wednesday

1. today’s the birthday of the most wonderful, beautiful, admiring,
extraordinary, brilliant lady in the whole wide world – my mom!
Happy birthday, mommy! ♥
2. our 2 new kitty cats wrestling under the chair
3. reminising on an old ‘meet the parent’ photo
4. another day in my life to make it all better
5. boss approved my filed leaves
6. medical check-up and x-ray for peace of mind
7. knowing there’s an extra holiday this may
8. mommy’s cooking on her birthday. yummy!
9. sms back up
10. gossip girl

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun



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2 responses to “The Happy List (Happy birthday, mommy!)

  1. Happy birthday to tita Virgie!

    Hanep, marunong mag-wrestling ang pusa niyo. 😛

    Waw na waw Bantayan na!

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