Happy birthday, daddy! (The Happy List)

This post was scheduled yesterday but I lost track of time.

April 14th was my daddy’s birthday. He would have been 55 years old this 2010. We badly miss him. But we console ourselves thinking that he is in a much better and peaceful place with our creator.

Nevertheless, we miss you so much daddy.

Happy birthday, daddy!

Photo credits: we heart it

Lulu’s Happy List

April 14, 2010 Wednesday

1. daddy’s birthday
2. ‘spaghetti pataas pababa oscar kilo’ said by the fx driver
3. giving in to my ‘cab temptation’
4. feeling energized. being at work.
5. seeing flickr tea pot love photo shared by my B
6. imagining sleeping on the cutest hamburger bed
7. sharing laughs with friends
8. online retail therapy – anthropologie
9. *two gold stars* from my B and a cheesecake treat.
10. writing on my journal


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One response to “Happy birthday, daddy! (The Happy List)

  1. Sanu

    Hai…today is my dad’s bday–15th March.He would have been 63.I dont know whether my dad is alive or not.It doesnt mean he left us.In a major accident we didnt get his body.Today am not crying but i challenge my dad that i will show what his daughter has achieved.I miss his presence coz i loved him the most.He was my soul…but as a daughter may be i cant get him back but i can and i will brighten his name by achieving where he wanted to see me………MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY DAD AND I MIS UUUUUUU :-(((((((((((((

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