The Happy List – Weekend Edition

Hello dolls! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend just like I did!

Since I’ve been enjoying every minute of my weekend, I decided to post Lulu’s Happy List weekend edition all together.

Here goes…

Lulu’s Happy List

April 9, 2010 Friday

1. road less traveled (literally!)
2. accomplishing tons of task in one day
3. cup of tea
4. being with my b!
5. mall strolling
6. watching ‘clash of titans’
7. warm cuddles
8. sweet kisses
9. korean hot noodles
10. sleeping in

Lulu’s Happy List

April 10, 2010 Saturday

1. seeing b’s face first thing in the morning
2. morning butterfly kisses
3. cooking together
4. ‘flash forward’ series
5. rainplay progress
6. afternoon naps
7. smell of fresh linens
8. favorite fotome day
9. asparagus!
10. saturday dinner with friends

Lulu’s Happy List

April 11, 2010 Sunday

1. happy red day!
2. morning bike ride
3. quarter pounder breakfast! yummy!
4. brain-storming with b about rainplay blog design
5. treasure find – gray chiffon dress for less
6. b fixing my shades. hurray!
7. peanut butter sandwich
8. sans make up day
9. cebu plans finally sinking in
10. seeing mommy

How about my Lulu’s Happy List for today? Maybe later or tomorrow! *wink*

Forgive me for I have been busy this Monday.

Hope you all have a little something to be happy about.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun


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