The Happy List

This happy list was inspired by my favorite blogger Naomi of

The Rockstar Diary.

I made a few changes though. Instead of writing what makes me happy randomly, I will be writing a list of things that makes me smile for the day.

Yep. I will try and do my very best to keep The Happy List from today onwards.

That means I’ll have more than one blog entry from time to time. *wink*

And, this is significantly going to help me stay sane despite of the ups & mostly downs that’s happening in my life lately.

This list will also serve as my gratitude list to remind me that God loves me and that I have more reasons to smile about each and every minute of my life.

So, for starter… here’s my 10 things that makes me smile list.

1. being just 10 minutes late. better late than absent.

2. french baker breads & peanut butter.

3. Brian aka my boyfriend who lets me rant about my not-so-good morning and helped me with my task even if I’m being a little bratty bad girl.

4. music that keeps me calm & sane.

5. better work schedule. 1 hour later than my original schedule.

6. inquiries about rainplay boutique dresses.

7. blogging again.

8. little lunch date invitation.

9. random inspirations.

10. new batch of dresses to display on the online store. plus more swimwear to be uploaded tomorrow!

Photo credits: we heart it


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