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I crave.

i have this little cravings for all these and then some.

colorful = yummier.

can’t wait to get my hands on mc donald’s quarter pounder & large fries!

bon appétit!


Photo source: we heart it



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summer fantasies

yellow dresses!

they are like sunshine anytime of the day.

made a wish, i can dream
i can be what i want to be
not afraid to live my life
and fulfill my fantasies

happy sunshine-y day!


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where my heart is…

where the doors are moaning all day long,
where the stairs are leaning dusk ’till dawn,

where the windows are breathing in the light,
where the rooms are a collection of our lives,

this is a place where I don’t feel alone
this is a place that I call my home.

♥ I’d be so delighted if one day we move to this place that we’ll call our home. ♥

Photo credits: we heart it

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White Heat

since it’s summer, we are planning a lot of picnic-at-the-park dates and other lil’ adventures.

and because of the season, it would be nice to wear something dainty, soft and charming.

take a peek at some of my style inspirations.

don’t you just think they’re lovely? ♥

Collection by Urban Outfitters.

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pretty hats

the past two days have been very chaotic & hectic for me.

so, i’d like to sneak in to say ‘hi’ to you!

from our beach getaway 2 weekends ago, i’ve had the not-the-best sunburn EVER!

i have it on my face! yes, my face because i was wearing a huge sunglasses while playing around the secret paradise.

and so… i realized that i’d be more prepared for our next summer get-away.

so, here are some of the hats (one of beach must-haves) i’m eyeing on.

{rooftop garden hat}

{almond milk sunhat}

{los cabos hat}

the last 2 has got to be my favorite!

and i’d like to grow my hair as long as the models’. pretty.

view the rest of their collection at
lulu’s fashion lounge.



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Red cherry bike

weekends are for our little adventures (or little dates).

and the past week is specifically for bike adventure!

brian and i were on our search for the perfect, beautiful, one-of-a-kind cherry bikes for some time now.

we first checked bzkleta, a surplus shop in q.c. (which we stumbled upon just by searching online).

we’ve seen lots of beautiful bikes on their photo gallery, but to our dismay,

they only have few bikes that are really worth our attention (read: drool-worthy).

{i’d love to own one. soon!}

and so, we decided to visit ate sally’s surplus shop somewhere in makati.

i’ve visited it once with friends and eventually invited brian to check it out.

we’ve seen bikes that we were interested in but we still didn’t buy them, hoping to see more bikes that are probably prettier.

and today, we tried our luck and head over to the shop.

(brian daydreams about his new bike.}

AND… yes, it is our lucky day!

esp. my B because he chance upon a red cherry bike! and got it for a killer price. lovely.

plus today, we found out that it was an original kawamura bicycle from japan.

very very lucky guy. an early birthday present i must say.

and that’s not all!

he biked it from magallanes all the way to cubao! if you know edsa then you would probably be just as amazed as i am!

i’m blown away with his idea. but of course, i just supported him and walked from magallanes to ayala.

then rode a city bus from there to cubao.

the whole time i was looking out the window wishing that he’s biking beside the bus. funny.

now i think it’s time for me to get one too. since i don’t want to ride a cab while he bike to go meet me for our little dates.

and we’ll probably be more fond of al fresco dining and more picnics at the park. exciting.

(more photos of his red cherry bike soon!)

♥ dreaming of my own pink cherry bike ♥

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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Secret Paradise

{Matukad Island, Caramoan, Camarines Sur}

here’s a preview of our first weekend of march spent at the islands of caramoan.

each island exudes an enigmatic and compelling beauty.

and we fell for it’s allure every minute we were there.

camping, island hopping, swimming, beach bumming, eating seafood,

searching for the perfect seashells, star gazing and wishing on falling stars

were some of our most precious bonding moments.

i loved it.

we tried to capture each island’s beauty.

more photos will be posted real soon.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun


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