Today’s a park day but…

Last Saturday was supposed to be our ‘park date’ at Eco Park, but… I didn’t want to get up! Sadly, I felt sleep-deprived and so tired and opted to stay in bed.  (This was my subconscious self talking.) But, I honestly wanted to go. I love parks and I always love having lil dates with my B. I wish there would be more ‘next time’.

But… it was still a very special day, indeed.

Went out for an afternoon thrifting at MSM American Gallery.

And found little treasures!!!

{spools of threads}

{mrs. fields canister – will be soon converted to my sewing ‘box’}

{london bus. i want to ride in one of these someday.}

plus the classic children’s book…

{the secret garden}

These are some of the goodies we took home from an afternoon thrifting. Plus B’s got an American Tourister Tiara Train Case in Cherry Red for a very very reasonable price. I’d say it was our lucky day. Yippee!

Saturday night was spent cuddling, watching ‘My Bluberry Nights’ while eating (ordered) pizza dinner and strawberry ice cream. Love.

(And hopefully I finish my secret craft project for B.)

Photo creditsBrian Sahagun



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2 responses to “Today’s a park day but…

  1. Jude Law blueberry nighted Nora Aunor — what??

    Those were supposed to be my spools!

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