Valentines Part Trois

Part Trois

February 14, 2010. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This day is Love’s day. And I’m spending it with the love of my life. I couldn’t ask for more.

{Brian painted this for me. Flowers for keeps. So sweet. I love it!}

Morning was spent finishing our ‘art project’. Both of us like to do these kinds of activities. I love it that way. It’s like one of our ‘bonding’ pastime (aside from watching & munching). He’s so much more talented in drawing and painting… and I’m a talented cutter! So here…

{Cut-out art for my B!}

And since we know that it IS a big event here in our place – we stayed in, ordered some hot wings & pizza from Yellow Cab! And cooked some heart-shaped pancakes (it tastes better than it looks, so the photo didn’t make the cut to be posted here. Sowee.) Yum yum. And watched DVD movies and my new favorite TV series, The Mentalist. Hooray!

And this is us, when we started playing…

{B doing the jump shot!}

{B showing off his new tiger briefs.  Can’t you tell how much he loves it?! Ha ha ha!}

{We are having way too much fun playing with our new cute lil stuff. You can tell.}

{I love you. Rain Play.}

What do I love about today?

I love this day of love because I love ‘love’.

I love to spend the day with those that I love.

I love Brian. He’s my lover. My favorite person. My best friend. My favorite playmate. My partner-in-crime. And he loves all that is me.

I love my mom. I love my dad. I love my younger brother, Glenn.

I love my friends. Near or far.

Above all, I love Jesus. Thank you for the gift of love. And thank you for the gift of time.

{Love. Priceless.}

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun


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  1. Tiger brief — rrraaawwwrrr.

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