Valentines Part Deux

Part Deux

February 13, 2010.

Woke up to a beautiful morning. And decided we want to take a stroll to where our feet takes us!

First stop – some vintage-shades shopping!

I tried several pairs but these 2 made the cut! And as you can see, as for my B, he already chose the pair he’s wearing! So cute! I, on the other hand, chose the one on the right side. Though it looks much prettier in person. Ha ha!

{And did you notice, B’s hair is shorter! I like.}

After coveting these cute lil pairs, we went back to the mall and had pizza & pasta for dinner (again! not that i’m complaining! i can eat pizza & pasta whole week! That’s for sure!). You wouldn’t believe but it’s true when I say that this was both our first time to try and eat at Sbarro! We both love to eat… but, I don’t know why we didn’t try this, until now. He he.

{Supreme Pizza with extra mozzarella cheese, Baked Ziti with white sauce & Lasagna with extra meat sauce!}

These looks and are actually heavy. Burp!

And dinner won’t be complete without… you guessed it! Dessert! We head to Red Ribbon for some sweet treat!

{‘Glam’ pics while waiting for our cake slice.}

…and our dessert! Yum!

{a slice of Cookies & Cream cake}

Watching TV series or movies is one of our favorite pastime, and today, what could be the perfect date movie to watch than Valentine’s Day?

*wink wink* But…

A little confession: we went inside the wrong cinema! B was pre-occupied thinking about not leaving the lights on in his apt. So we ended up entering the movie house for The Blind Side.

We were blind-sided, indeed! So funny! Good thing we noticed before our movie started. We ran to the other cinema and realized that it’s just right that we didn’t ask the old man to depart from what we thought is our seat! If not we’ll be in big trouble. Ha ha!

And our day doesn’t end there! We both worked on our handmade cards (with love).  Let’s see what we’ll come up with. So excited!

A sweet way to cap off the evening.


Photo credits: Brian Sahagun



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3 responses to “Valentines Part Deux

  1. Sbarro, Sbarro, Sbarro. More like Sbaho. They were serving slabs.

  2. Valentine’s Day is the poor man’s Love Actually.

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