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Superbods Marathon

The Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010 was held at the Fort Bonifacio Global City last February 21, 2010. This was my first ever marathon (5k category) and I’m just happy to finish the race. Though I haven’t attended any other marathon before, I can say it was a successful event.

Dubbed as the “Run of the Century” and the “Sexiest Run of the Year”, this event can also be called as ‘running for a cause’ since part of the proceeds will go to UNICEF & WWF.

Aside from the actual race, there were a lot of fun activities such as go-see, food fair, healthy lifestyle sessions plus lots of loot bags, gift packs and raffle prizes!

{11,000 ++ runners who participated in this event}

{photos after the race. we look so tired! but it was a fun 1st time experience for me.}

{saw some friends who joined the marathon. nice.}

{B conquered 10km run!}

{I ran the 5km category. Whoohoo!}

And more fun / funny photos from the event…

*p.s. we’ve got the results and my chip time was 39 minutes!!! not bad for a first-timer, eh? so happy.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun



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Today’s a park day but…

Last Saturday was supposed to be our ‘park date’ at Eco Park, but… I didn’t want to get up! Sadly, I felt sleep-deprived and so tired and opted to stay in bed.  (This was my subconscious self talking.) But, I honestly wanted to go. I love parks and I always love having lil dates with my B. I wish there would be more ‘next time’.

But… it was still a very special day, indeed.

Went out for an afternoon thrifting at MSM American Gallery.

And found little treasures!!!

{spools of threads}

{mrs. fields canister – will be soon converted to my sewing ‘box’}

{london bus. i want to ride in one of these someday.}

plus the classic children’s book…

{the secret garden}

These are some of the goodies we took home from an afternoon thrifting. Plus B’s got an American Tourister Tiara Train Case in Cherry Red for a very very reasonable price. I’d say it was our lucky day. Yippee!

Saturday night was spent cuddling, watching ‘My Bluberry Nights’ while eating (ordered) pizza dinner and strawberry ice cream. Love.

(And hopefully I finish my secret craft project for B.)

Photo creditsBrian Sahagun


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Counting the days…

…til I go back and visit my dad’s home town, Cebu! My 1st and only visit there was when I was 3 years old. I know, that was a long long time ago.

And I’m so excited that my boyfriend and couple friends are planning to go there this summer.

{Connie cheerfully touring us the Cebu map…}

…while having dinner at Katips Bar & Grillery.


(Beef Broccoli}


{..a bucket of San Mig Light.}

For now, I’ll just dream of Cebu beaches…

…and afternoons watching the orange sky.

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun, Google Images


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Valentines Part Trois

Part Trois

February 14, 2010. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This day is Love’s day. And I’m spending it with the love of my life. I couldn’t ask for more.

{Brian painted this for me. Flowers for keeps. So sweet. I love it!}

Morning was spent finishing our ‘art project’. Both of us like to do these kinds of activities. I love it that way. It’s like one of our ‘bonding’ pastime (aside from watching & munching). He’s so much more talented in drawing and painting… and I’m a talented cutter! So here…

{Cut-out art for my B!}

And since we know that it IS a big event here in our place – we stayed in, ordered some hot wings & pizza from Yellow Cab! And cooked some heart-shaped pancakes (it tastes better than it looks, so the photo didn’t make the cut to be posted here. Sowee.) Yum yum. And watched DVD movies and my new favorite TV series, The Mentalist. Hooray!

And this is us, when we started playing…

{B doing the jump shot!}

{B showing off his new tiger briefs.  Can’t you tell how much he loves it?! Ha ha ha!}

{We are having way too much fun playing with our new cute lil stuff. You can tell.}

{I love you. Rain Play.}

What do I love about today?

I love this day of love because I love ‘love’.

I love to spend the day with those that I love.

I love Brian. He’s my lover. My favorite person. My best friend. My favorite playmate. My partner-in-crime. And he loves all that is me.

I love my mom. I love my dad. I love my younger brother, Glenn.

I love my friends. Near or far.

Above all, I love Jesus. Thank you for the gift of love. And thank you for the gift of time.

{Love. Priceless.}

Photo credits: Brian Sahagun

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Valentines Part Deux

Part Deux

February 13, 2010.

Woke up to a beautiful morning. And decided we want to take a stroll to where our feet takes us!

First stop – some vintage-shades shopping!

I tried several pairs but these 2 made the cut! And as you can see, as for my B, he already chose the pair he’s wearing! So cute! I, on the other hand, chose the one on the right side. Though it looks much prettier in person. Ha ha!

{And did you notice, B’s hair is shorter! I like.}

After coveting these cute lil pairs, we went back to the mall and had pizza & pasta for dinner (again! not that i’m complaining! i can eat pizza & pasta whole week! That’s for sure!). You wouldn’t believe but it’s true when I say that this was both our first time to try and eat at Sbarro! We both love to eat… but, I don’t know why we didn’t try this, until now. He he.

{Supreme Pizza with extra mozzarella cheese, Baked Ziti with white sauce & Lasagna with extra meat sauce!}

These looks and are actually heavy. Burp!

And dinner won’t be complete without… you guessed it! Dessert! We head to Red Ribbon for some sweet treat!

{‘Glam’ pics while waiting for our cake slice.}

…and our dessert! Yum!

{a slice of Cookies & Cream cake}

Watching TV series or movies is one of our favorite pastime, and today, what could be the perfect date movie to watch than Valentine’s Day?

*wink wink* But…

A little confession: we went inside the wrong cinema! B was pre-occupied thinking about not leaving the lights on in his apt. So we ended up entering the movie house for The Blind Side.

We were blind-sided, indeed! So funny! Good thing we noticed before our movie started. We ran to the other cinema and realized that it’s just right that we didn’t ask the old man to depart from what we thought is our seat! If not we’ll be in big trouble. Ha ha!

And our day doesn’t end there! We both worked on our handmade cards (with love).  Let’s see what we’ll come up with. So excited!

A sweet way to cap off the evening.


Photo credits: Brian Sahagun


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And I was his valentine…

His first ever valentine, actually. And I must say, I’m proud and I’m happy.

Boyfriend never celebrated or asked someone out for a date on valentine’s day EVER! Maybe  he’s just not into the mushy and affectionate holiday we all adore and enjoy… (Yes, I’m somehow into this holiday because I love ‘love’. All forms of it.) Or maybe because he just don’t want to make this a tradition for some reason.

And so, his school friends ‘cursed’ him and said that whoever he dates on his first ever valentine’s day, will be with him forever.  Yes, that was the ‘curse’. But, for me, was it really a bad thing? To be his valentines date forever? Nah, I don’t think so. I’d love him for my valentines date or any other time or day for that matter. ♥

Although this was our first valentines together, we didn’t want to make a big fuss out of it. We just wanted to delight ourselves in each other’s company.

Originally, we planned to attend the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010. But plans changed and so we spent our Valentine weekend in our own lil ‘candy-coated’ way.

Here are some highlights from our v-day & chinese new year weekend.

Part un

February 12, 2010.

After work, B & I met up and had dinner at Pizza Hut Bistro.We ordered mozzarella sticks, 3-cheese ravioli and supreme deluxe stuffed crust pizza, which was never delivered to our table until after we asked for our bill! Uh-oh. Hunger makes me angry!

We canceled the pizza and just satisfied ourselves with this appetizer …

{mozzarella sticks}

and this pasta…

{3-cheese ravioli}

Delicious! But I’m still starving.

…and look, I’ve got a flower!

Oh, love.

Ended the day with sweet kisses and lots of bear hugs! ♥

{And oh, I won a heart-shaped pillow earlier at our office’s event. Sweet.}

Photo credits: weheartit; Brian Sahagun


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Sewn with Love

I have been wanting to create handmade pieces from headbands

to necklaces down to handmade cards or scrapbook pages.

Currently, I’ve made 3 items handmade with love.

And… I’ve been wanting to do more.

So… I have a list of things I want to possess to make crafting more fun!

Portable Sewing Machine

Handheld Sewing Machine

and the classic…

Sewing Box

These lovelies will make it fun fun fun doing handmade projects!

How about you? What have you been wanting to have for your

arts & crafts?


Dreaming of rainbow spools.


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